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Top restaurant in Stockholm is now serving JBS.

Toprestaurant Omakase Köttslöjd / Stockholm, is now serving JBS.

A famous Swedish sommelier (Daniel Crespi) runs the restaurant.

Logotype of restaurant Omakase Köttslöjd

Presentation in Gothenburg

Presentation in a restaurant in Gothenburg. A group of Someliers and Bartenders.

Food and snaps on a table

Galadinner in Växjö

Big Galadinner in Växjö. 380 people enjoyed JBSpirit as an Avec and I was there presenting the product and the story.

Jiri Holasek presenting Jonas Broncks Spirit on a gala dinner

First delivery to our reseller

First delivery to our reseller, Janake Wine group.

Boxes with Jonas Broncks Spirit unloads from a truck

Jönköpings Galan 2015

Jönköpings Galan 2015, 600 guests. We were nominated in category "export challenge".

Jonas Broncks Spirit presents for the guest

Helena and Jiri on screen presenting Jonas Broncks Spirit

Jonas Broncks Spirit presents for 600 guest

Cocktail based on JBSpirit

A well known Swedish bartender has created a Cocktail based on JBSpirit.

Please find the recipe on How to enjoy JBSpirit

Bottle of Jonas Brocks Spirit behind a glas with a Bronck's Birch cocktail

Visited a costumer, a Michelinstar restaurant

Visited a costumer, Michelinstar Restaurant in Gothenburg, and ended a fabulous dinner with a glass of our Jonas Broncks Spirit.

A meny between two glasses on a dinner table

Some well known New Yorkers celebrated with us in our restaurant

Some well known New Yorkers were visiting Komstad / Sävsjö in 2014, as well as ~ 25 correspondents and journalists from all over the world to  celebrate the 375 years anniversary with us in our restaurant. 

Former Commissioner of NY, Brian G Andersson and the President of the  Bronx Chambers of Commerce, Lenny Caro, among many others.

Guest from the US in front of our bar holding a USA flag

Jiri Holasek serving Jonas Broncks Spirit

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