Jonas Bronck's spirit

A unique flavour with a strong historical connection

A stone’s throw from Komstad, where the farmer boy Jonas Bronck took his first steps, lies the scenic Havsjö. Here, the old custom endures of picking the leaves and draining the sap of springy young birches from which, with genuine craftsmanship, the Jonas Bronck’s spirit is made.

Jonas Bronck’s spirit, with its deep historical roots in Småland, Sweden is enjoyed as a digestif, avec or On the Rocks.

Jonas Bronck’s spirit is also enjoyable as snaps – an old tradition of the Swedish smorgasbord, during Easter festivities, crayfish parties and the Christmas Dinner.

Producing the Jonas Bronck’s Spirit is done using traditional production methods which is free of color additives, artificial aromas or other unnatural preservatives. This is done to ensure an innovative and pure product, in the true spirit of Jonas Bronck.

We genuinely believe that in the right company and in reasonable quantities, Jonas Bronck, also as a beverage, can have uniting and comradery e ffects.

Bottle, glas and package

The Havsjö story

In Swedish Highland’s national park, Havsjö is manufacturing this unique wheat destilat. Jonas Bronck’s Spirit is flavored using sap and leaves picked by hand from young, specially selected birch trees.

The sap naturally contains of a variety of sugars and is rich in antioxidants. No need for adding coloring or chemicals! The wheat destilat is being matured for at least 12 months before it gets bottled. It has a soft but rich flavor and is best served chilled and enjoyed together with traditional Swedish food, or as a digestive, or a liqueur to round off a nice meal.

Jonas Bronck’s Spirit has been served in our local restaurant for several years. It has been very popular and hence, a test edition of this birch flavored wheat destilat was released in Sweden in 2013. It was well received by both private users and restaurants.

As the success goes on, we are now launching a new product, more matured and in an exquisite package. This new product, Jonas Bronck’s Spirit, has a serial number and is entering the United States, just like Jonas Bronck did 375 years ago back in 1639.

Enjoy the taste! Or as we say in Swedish – Skål

Jonas Bronck's way to New York

Map with part of Northamerica and Europe

Jonas Bronck was a very adventurous farmer boy who wandered from Småland to the coast, embarked on a ship that took him out into the wide world and his home country Sweden soon became just a beautiful memory.

Jonas Bronck made many voyages as a sea captain in the Dutch service, and after finding his sweetheart in Holland in 1639, they both went aboard the ship FIRE OF TROY with the ambition of a new beginning in America and later gave The Bronx its name.

Jonas Bronck buy a large area of land from the Indians, where he begins to grow tobacco with great success. His land is soon called Broncks country and is today the borough in New York City called The Bronx.

Jonas Bronck was an innovative, honest and reliable businessman who was quickly accepted and well received, even by the Native Americans who typically were a bit suspicious of the migrant settlers.

One of Jonas Bronck’s  finest contributions was his involvement in the world’s  first peace and trade treaty which was signed in with the indigenous population.

Jonas Bronck's spirit ready to order now

Jonas Broncks Spirit can now be orded in all Swedish stores (Systembolaget) with order number 8688402. Order here.

Natural sediments may occur and it is a sign of a genuine product.

Helena and Jiri with a bottle of Jonas Bronck's spirit